Warm Edge Spacers

It’s What’s Between the Glass That Makes All the Difference

Kas-Kel windows are built with advanced technology Duralite® warm-edge spacers

Enhance Your Comfort 

Windows built with Duralite® technology reduce heat transfer and help stabilize the temperature of the inner windowpane, maintaining a comfortable inside environment, condensation-free glass, and saving you money on energy costs.

  • Duralite® is a flexible, warm-edge spacer that lives between the inner and outer window panes. The Duralite® technology features a unique no metal composite laminating system that provides superior durability and thermal performance for glass insulation in all weather.
  • A Kas-Kel vinyl window with Duralite® spacers contains an argon gas-filled polycarbonate shim with a virtually impermeable butyl sealant, a three-sided continuous moisture barrier, and a desiccated topcoat. This advanced design eliminates condensation and mold and allows natural light to filter in with UV blocking technology that protects interior finishes and decor.
warm edge spacer

The warmer the glass edge

The less energy lost and the more comfortable you feel near your window
Less Moisture In

Less Argon Loss, Less  Moisture In

Warm Edge Spacer
Less Heat Transfer

Less Heat Transfer

Superior Thermal Performance

  • Windows built with Duralite® stand up to the most severe weather conditions in both hot and cold climates, eliminating the need for storm windows.

  • Duralite® thermal performance ranks among the top rated vinyl window brands for keeping energy costs low by reducing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

  • Duralite® is an Energy Star qualified product and built to function for years after installation.

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