How Kas-Kel’s unique window design creates value for property owners

The windows you choose play a vital role in achieving each of those goals, and Kas-Kel’s 2200 High Efficiency Windows with Interlock Features offer property owners a long life expectancy, a sense of security, and the promise of energy savings.

Observe Window Safety Year Round

It only takes seconds for a preventable window fall to occur, To avoid these needless tragedies, it is very important for parents and caregivers to take steps to prevent home falls.

How do vinyl windows save me money?

one of the most beneficial renovations to your home could also be the one that saves money in the long run. Replacing old windows with new, energy efficient vinyl windows is an affordable home renovation project that can put money back in your pocket.

Black is in (windows)

The choices you make for your front door and your windows, therefore, set the stage for all of your other design decisions. Despite the variety in these window styles and shapes, they would all look stunning in a clean, bold black. That’s because black is a neutral color that has associations with both modern minimalism and classic traditionalism. Black is a color that can do it all.

Signs you need replacement windows

Home renovation can be stressful, especially when the renovation is something more daunting, like replacing old windows. Compared to weekend projects, installing new windows is more time consuming and expensive. However, allowing old windows to remain in place past their prime comes with its own costs. Read on to learn the signs that your windows really do need to be replaced.

Will New Vinyl Windows Cut My Energy Costs?

Air infiltration (and escape) through windows are responsible for as much as 30% of residential heating and cooling costs, according the Department of Energy. That makes replacing old windows with up-to-date energy efficient windows a critical consideration for homeowners looking to cut energy costs