Kasson & Keller Windows

Vinyl  Window Warranty

The rigid PVC vinyl in the window master frame and sash of the basic window unit will be warranted against cracking, warping, peeling, flaking, blistering or corroding for the lifetime of the product to the original purchaser.
Kasson & Keller Window Systems will warrant the insulating glass to be free from material obstruction which restricts vision resulting from film formation, moisture or dust collection between the interior glass surfaces for the lifetime of the product to the original purchaser.
The moving parts of the basic window unit, consisting of the counterbalances, shoes, locks, and latches shall be free of defects for the lifetime of the product to the original purchaser.
Condensation (or sweating) on either the glass or frame section of window units is determined by the difference in temperature between the exterior and interior sections of the unit along with the level of humidity present in a house. Due to the variability of temperature/humidity conditions from house to house, Kas-Kel Window Systems is unable to give a consumer warranty regarding condensation.
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All claims must be in writing, and submitted within 60 days after discovery of the claimed defect.


All claims should be mailed to the original place of purchase, or if no longer in operation, to Kas-Kel Window Systems. Kas-Kel Window Systems, or its appointed representative, shall be allowed to make a reasonable inspection of the claim.


Kas-Kel Window Systems requires the following information prior to mailing replacement parts. This information can be found on the label inside the head of your window: Order Number, Lot Number, Customer Name, Customer PO, Order Date, Window Type, Window Size . Provide the following only if the homeowner is making the claim directly to Kas-Kel Window Systems: Home Owner Name, Address, Daytime Phone,.

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Glass Breakage Warranty

Kas-Kel Window Systems offers a new glass breakage warranty to the original purchaser of the vinyl windows for the home. If at any time the glass is broken due to stress cracks or someone accidentally hitting the window glass, Kas-Kel Window Systems will send a new insulated glass unit to the original purchaser. Kas-Kel Window Systems will not pay for installation costs, special packaging, or shipping charges of such unit.

This glass breakage warranty is to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred to a new home owner. The life of the warranty is to the original purchaser as long as the original purchaser owns the home that the windows were originally installed. Kas-Kel Window Systems reserves the right to change the glass design or eliminate certain glass designs over time.

This glass breakage warranty does NOT apply to Patio Doors, See Patio Door warranty for glass coverage.

Terms & Conditions

This warranty is intended to cover individual homeowners and does not apply to products purchased by or installed in commercial applications. In the event the original purchaser sells the property in which the vinyl windows and doors are installed, the coverage provided by this warranty will be limited to the next subsequent owner and will be ten (10) years from the date of manufacture.

This warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects specified herein, and does not include defects or damage as a result of installation, acts of God, fire, flood, explosion, misuse or neglect. Kas-Kel Window Systems will not assume responsibility for labor costs for repair, shipping, removal or re-installation of a unit or any component part thereof; although the contractor or service technician may have the right to charge a service fee.

Any claims made after the warranty period or as a results of breakage outside the guidelines of the warranty, shall be honored by the purchaser paying current material costs and shipping chargers. Kas-Kel Window Systems reserves the right to change or delete products or component parts of said products.

This warranty affects windows manufactured after July 11th, 2011.