Casement/Awning Windows

Casement Window
Modern utility meets classic design

Easy Operation
Maximum  Ventilation  

Casement windows are versatile windows that work well in most rooms, combining beauty and high functionality.

A single sash opens outward from hinges along the side of the window frame, similar to how a door operates. A hand crank on the inside of the window frame allows for easy open and close functionalities. Clever design keeps the window from flying open in strong wind or breezes.

Casement windows can also be installed to open to the left or right, giving way to a wide range of aesthetic window arrangements (singular or multi unit design).

Built in the  Northeast
for the Northeast

Kasson and Keller Inc.
Modern utility meets classic design

For Privacy
and Hard to Reach Areas

Awning windows are one of the most versatile window options.

Because they can be placed high on a wall, they offer elevated privacy and are often preferred for bathrooms. Placed over a  kitchen sink or counter area, their hand-crank design allows for easier access than other types of windows.  


Awning windows make beautiful accent windows when placed below  fixed windows. They can also be used as stand-alone windows in place of casement or double hung windows. Because of their innate functionality, they are often preferred for ventilation during rain or snow as they shield the interior from precipitation.


The awning window consists of a single sash that opens outward. Hinges lie along the top of the frame, so that it resembles an awning when open. A hand crank accessible from inside the building operates the opening and closing mechanism.


Glass Options

  • optional
    Tints, Heat Reflection, Tempered and Double Strength and other options available


Casement/Awning Features

New Construction
  • checkmark

    Aluminum Extruded Full View Fiberglass Full Screen

  • checkmark
    Nailing Fin with J Channel
  • optional
    Nail Fin Only
  • optional
    Brickmold J Channel
  • optional
    3″ Cambridge Casing
  • optional
    Primed Solid Pine Applied Extension Jambs 4-9/16”, 6-9/16” and Custom
  • optional
    Sheet Rock Returns
  • checkmark
    Aluminum Extruded Fiberglass full screen
  • checkmark
    Composite Reinforced Meeting Rail
  • checkmark
    Double weather-stripped Sash
  • optional
    Full 3″ Foam insulating Wrap


  • checkmark
    DP 50

Thermal Data

DOE-R5 0.21 0.33 0.19
ES U4 Version 7
Low E w/Argon 0.28 0.24 0.44
High Performance Low E 0.32 0.24 0.44
Clear-Air-Clear 0.41 0.53 0.54

Standard Exterior Colors









autumn red

Autumn Red

forest green

Hunter Green

Have a color in mind? We can custom match it!

*All representations of colors are mechanically reproduced and may vary from the actual product. Terms and conditions apply.

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