Stonequist Apartments PROJECT: Residential High Rise   CHALLENGE:   SOLUTION:  


Davis & Towle Insurance SITUATION: In January 2020, a fire broke out in one of the upstairs rental units of 8 Main Street, a mixed use property in Henniker, NH.

Flight Center

Aluminum Extrusions and 400/4000 Series Picture Units for large picture windows that will last PROJECT: THE FLIGHT CENTER TAPHOUSE AND EATERY SITUATION: Local restaurateur Seth Simonian had a unique vision

Indigo Arts Alliance

Indigo Arts Alliance PROJECT:   CHALLENGE:   SOLUTION:  

Albany Street

Albany Street   CHALLENGE:   SOLUTION:    

Straton Towers

Straton Towers PROJECT: Residential High Rise   CHALLENGE:   SOLUTION:  

West View Homes
Aluminum Extrusions and Kas-Kel Panes for Longevity and Energy Efficiency

The team at Kasson and Keller designed a system of mullion walls integrating aluminum frames and vinyl windows. By mulling together several smaller windows, we were able to fill the brick openings and create large, custom windows.

Renaissance Square

Renaissance Square CHALLENGE:   SOLUTION:    

Perry Knitting Mill

Perry Knitting Mill CHALLENGE:   SOLUTION:    

Earl Towers