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Aluminum Extrusions and 400/4000 Series Picture Units for large picture windows that will last

Local restaurateur Seth Simonian had a unique vision when he was scouting for a location for The Flight Center Taphouse and Eatery’s second location. The first site in Nashua opened five years ago, and it’s been a crowd pleaser with an enormous selection of craft beer, including dozens of local brews, and beer-friendly appetizers and entrees. The new location was adding something a little extra special to the mix─an airport-themed speakeasy, complete with a secret door and password. Finding the perfect spot for this ambitious vision, however, proved a challenge. Once they did find a suitable location, there were new challenges to bring the vision to life.
The new Flight Center site is a former British Beer Company location, and Simonian and Liu Vaine, his partner in the venture, knew some renovations would be necessary to give the restaurant its aeronautical flair. Most notably, Simonian wanted to transform the building’s tower, which was a decorative façade, into a flight tower with large picture windows. However, there were two obstacles to overcome to make Simonian’s vision a reality.
  1. The integration of cost-effective standard windows would be impossible.
  2. The building is situated in a window tunnel, making it vulnerable to high winds.
The Flight Center Taphouse and Eatery needed windows that could:
  • affordably transform the building façade into an airport flight tower,
  • absorb sway and bending induced by wind,
  • resist air and moisture infiltration, and
  • keep energy bills low.
Simonian wanted large picture windows. However, the site is right in the middle of a wind tunnel, so we  designed a system of mullion walls integrating 400/4000 series picture units with three quarter aluminum mullion. The windowpanes are heavy duty, tempered glass. They’re incredibly durable, but also very heavy. By mulling together the heavy picture windows, we were able to strengthen the structure. The aluminum mullion has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which reduces flex and adds rigidness to increase performance. The windows themselves are designed for energy efficiency, helping to reduce energy costs while allowing natural light to brighten up the space.